The Department of Political Science and International Relations began with the commencement of the University in 2002. It was then known as the Department of Strategic Studies. It metamorphosed into the Department of Policy and Strategic Studies in the 2005/2006 Academic Session. During the 2007/2008 Academic Session, the Department was split into two, namely: the Department of Political Science and the Department of International Relations and Strategic Studies. However, during the 2008/2009 Academic Session, the two Departments were merged and became what is currently known as the Department of Political Science and International Relations.

The Pioneer Head of Department  in 2002 was Dr. John A. Ayam , but briefly in 2004 Professor Adewoye was appointed as acting Head of Department for a semester before handing over to Dr. John A. Ayam again who led the Department till 2005 when Prof. Olusola Ojo took over as Head of Department. In 2006, Professor Matthew Ola-Rotimi Ajayi, became Head and remained Head until 2008 when Professors Daniel Omoweh and Olusola Ojo were appointed to head the newly created Departments of International Relations and Strategic Studies and Political Science respectively. Following the merger of the two Departments in 2009, Professor Matthew Ola–Rotimi Ajayi was again appointed to oversee the new Department. In 2010, Professor Kayode Soremekun was appointed Head while he also served as the Dean of the College of Development Studies. On October 16, 2012, Dr. Sheriff Folarin was appointed acting Head of the Department. In August, 2014 Dr. Moses Duruji was appointed acting Head of the Department.

The Department began with a student population of 20 and academic staff of 6 in 2003. Today, there is a marked increase with over 400 students spread across the three fully accredited Programmes of Political Science, International Relations and Policy and Strategic Studies.

In the same vein, the Academic Staff strength has improved tremendously. It rose from 6 at inception to 25 in the 2013/2014 Academic Session.

The Department currently offers three different Bachelor of Science Degree Programmes, namely:

  1.  B Sc International Relations
  2.  B Sc Political Science
  3.  B Sc Policy and Strategic Studies

The Political Science Degree Programme offers courses in key areas of Political Economy, Public Administration, Comparative Politics, Federalism, Nigerian Politics and Civil-Military Relations, among others. In International Relations, such courses as Theories of International Relations, International Politics, International Economic Relations, Theories of War and Peace, International Peace Keeping, Nigerian Foreign Policy, International Institutions, Political Economy, among other courses, are offered. For Policy and Strategic Studies, the modules centre on core issues of Leadership, Governance, Ethics, Management, Accountability and Development. The programme also addresses the key areas of Wars, Conflicts and Global Terrorism. At the 100 and 200 Levels, which are the foundational levels, students on the three programmes take the same courses so as to effectively acquire the skills and method of the study of Politics, which is the mother course of all the three disciplines.