The Objectives of the Department of Political Science and International Relations are to:

i)                   provide a sound knowledge of concepts, theories and issues in the various disciplines of the Department, namely, Policy and Strategic Studies, Political Science and International Relations;

ii)                provide the knowledge and skills needed for the understanding and analysis of political, social and economic activities  at both national  and international levels;

iii)              contribute through research to theoretical development in the various disciplines and provide policy-oriented solutions to the challenges of governance at both the national and international levels; and

iv)               produce versatile graduates who can meet the challenges of self-employment as well as employees of private and public institutions/establishments.

The Programmes in the Department are designed to give students a firm academic and professional grasp in their area of study, and to afford them a broad intellectual background in their discipline. These areas of academic discipline will go a long way in equipping the students to scientifically appraise problems affecting society as well as offer appropriate solutions to them.